About Affordable Seattle

Rents have risen 57% in six years in Seattle. Homelessness is at record highs. Over the last decade, luxury apartments accounted for 92% of new construction. Working class households are being displaced and our neighborhoods are being destroyed. We can change course, but only if we get organized to challenge the entrenched power of profit-driven developers, real estate speculators, and big landlords. We demand that City Hall to take action to address the housing crisis.

  • Massively Expand Affordable Housing
    Build tens of thousands of quality city-owned homes, paid for by taxing big business.

  • We Need Rent Control!
    As a first step, require at least 25% of new private sector development to be affordable. Organize a movement for tenant collective bargaining rights to lower rents.

  • Make Landlords Pay for Economic Evictions
    Stop the displacement of low-income households! When renters are forced to move due to major rent hikes, landlords should be required to pay moving costs.



Elect Independent Candidates Fighting for an Affordable Seattle

City Hall is dominated by corporate developers like Vulcan, owned by billionaire Paul Allen, landlord lobbyists, and the Chamber of Commerce. They are profiting off the affordable housing crisis. To protect their profits and block popular demands for affordable housing, they are spending big on city elections to maintain their political control. To make Seattle affordable, we need to break the corporate stranglehold over City Hall by organizing our neighborhoods and electing our own candidates.

Vote by August 1st!

In this election, Oliver and Grant stand out. They are not accepting donations from big business and developers. They support massive investment in affordable housing, rent control, and a wider tenants’ bill of rights. Oliver and Grant are the strongest independent challengers to the corporate-backed political establishment. Electing them would strengthen the movement for an Affordable Seattle.

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